Muscle, Lifespan & Aging

Background: Decreased skeletal muscle mass and low physical performance are independently associated with increased mortality in elderly individuals. However, little is known about the effects of skeletal muscle mass combined with physical performance on the prediction of mortality risk among community-dwelling older adults. This study aimed to determine the combined effects of skeletal muscle massContinue reading “Muscle, Lifespan & Aging”

Muscle Mass & CardioVascular Disease Association

Background: There is debate whether body mass index is a good predictor of health outcomes because different tissues, namely skeletal muscle mass (SMM) and fat mass (FM), may be differentially associated with risk. We investigated the association of appendicular SMM (aSMM) and FM with fatal and nonfatal cardiovascular disease (CVD) and all‐cause mortality. We comparedContinue reading “Muscle Mass & CardioVascular Disease Association”

Skeletal Muscle Mass, Sarcopenia & Metabolic Disease Association

Background(introduction): Sarcopenia is a condition characterized by a progressive and generalized loss of skeletal muscle mass, strength, and/or physical performance [1]. The overall prevalence of sarcopenia among Korean women over the age of 50 years is estimated as 20.2% [2]. In recent years, researchers have come to regard sarcopenia not only as a part ofContinue reading “Skeletal Muscle Mass, Sarcopenia & Metabolic Disease Association”

Muscle Mass, Muscle Strength & Lifespan

Background(introduction): Recent studies suggested that muscle mass and muscle strength may independently or synergistically affect aging-related health outcomes in older adults; however, prospective data on mortality in the general population are sparse We aimed to prospectively examine individual and joint associations of low muscle mass and low muscle strength with all-cause mortality in a nationallyContinue reading “Muscle Mass, Muscle Strength & Lifespan”

Gaining Muscle & It’s Effects On Longevity

As we age, many of us experience a loss of muscle mass and strength, a condition known as sarcopenia. This loss of muscle can lead to a number of health issues, including an increased risk of falls, frailty, and even mortality. However, research has shown that resistance training and gaining muscle mass can have aContinue reading “Gaining Muscle & It’s Effects On Longevity”

3 ways to increase your energy RIGHT NOW

Breathe Through Your Nose Breathing is something so innate and unconscious you probably don’t even realize that you’re doing it wrong right now as you read this sentence. Many of you are reading this with your mouth open, even slightly, taking in a majority of your oxygen this way. The issue is that when you’reContinue reading “3 ways to increase your energy RIGHT NOW”

Everything You Need You Already Have

The more I dig into being better, growth, learning, progression, The more I find myself looking inward. Lately I’ve had things inadvertently helping me to this, through my reading alongside the podcasts and YouTubes I’ve been listening to. Between Wim Hof proving through science-based research now that breathing is not only effective for helping toContinue reading “Everything You Need You Already Have”

The 5 Daily Checklist: A Guide To Daily Happiness

◦ Stretch or Gear up for the day ◦ 3 things. 60 seconds each. Gratitude. ◦ 3 big deep belly-breaths ◦ Read something interesting ◦ Drink enough water to not feel thirsty The idea of this checklist is that nothing on this checklist is outside of your control. The only way you can’t accomplish thisContinue reading “The 5 Daily Checklist: A Guide To Daily Happiness”