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We eat more healthy foods, buy more supplements, and invest in more apps and tools to enhance weight loss, and optimize our health and fitness. This has also been my mission for the last decade. And I’ve come to a resounding conclusion. Less really is More.

I’ve spent the last decade learning and understanding the human animal and here’s the thing: the Human Being didn’t evolve to be in a concrete jungle, surrounded by a tribe of millions of people, indulged by optional eating at every moment, all while taking in information at a rate faster than any human mind have ever comprehended. Nature never ended for any of this, and never built in ways to deal with it all of this.

It’s no wonder we’re overweight, depressed, anxiety-ridden, and unhealthy. We’ve lost what it really means to be a Human Being. Emphasis on the H and the B. And I’m here to help you become Human again.


What I Do

I help busy business owners and retirees correct life-long muscle imbalances, alleviate aches & pains, optimize health for longevity, and enhance cognitive fitness!

Services Offered

In Home

Business owner? Busy schedule? Bring the gym and the Expert Personal Trainer to your home! Get a 1 hour workout with all kinds of equipment, and weights. You’ll also get a Sleep Program, Diet Program & Self-Workout Program.


I design a month by month workout program while managing your diet programming, sleep programming & self-workouts to hit your goals. I check in with you 3x per week and I’m available 24/7 to answer questions!


Need the in person feel and you’re not near me? We can hop on Face-Time, Zoom, Skype, etc to get a challenging and efficient workout in. All while learning the ropes to nutrition as well!

Client Spotlight:
John, 68

My commercial with Liimitless Male medical (Above) My news clip with Hello Iowa on Deep Breathing (Below)


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