Muscle, Lifespan & Aging


Decreased skeletal muscle mass and low physical performance are independently associated with increased mortality in elderly individuals. However, little is known about the effects of skeletal muscle mass combined with physical performance on the prediction of mortality risk among community-dwelling older adults. This study aimed to determine the combined effects of skeletal muscle mass and physical performance on total mortality.


The hSMI(height-adjusted skeletal muscle mass index) and physical performance are significantly associated with increased risks of all-cause mortality. The combined use of hSMI and physical performance can provide improved risk stratification, which may be appropriately used as a screening tool targeting high-risk elders for the effective prevention of sarcopenia-related mortality.


Several tests for balance-stability, power, speed, and muscle strength were done over a 12 year period on over 600 people aged 65+ . Those who tested lower in most categories, especially those lower in overall muscle mass/strength, died an earlier death than their stronger, larger-muscle counterparts. 

Sarcopenia – A condition characterized by loss of muscle mass, strength, and function in older adults.

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