Muscle Mass, Muscle Strength & Lifespan


Recent studies suggested that muscle mass and muscle strength may independently or synergistically affect aging-related health outcomes in older adults; however, prospective data on mortality in the general population are sparse

We aimed to prospectively examine individual and joint associations of low muscle mass and low muscle strength with all-cause mortality in a nationally representative sample. This study included 4,449 participants aged 50 years and older from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 1999–2002 with public-use 2011 linked mortality files.


Low muscle strength was independently associated with elevated risk of all-cause mortality, regardless of muscle mass, MetS, sedentary time, or LTPA among US older adults, indicating the importance of muscle strength in predicting aging-related health outcomes in older adults.


While muscular strength and muscle mass are not directly tied together, they’re certainly both necessary for increased lifespan, as well as health span. Muscular Strength has many roles, for example It’s imperative for movements like deceleration and landing mechanics when say, stepping off of a curb in a parking lot, or reaching down to pick something up.

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