4 Myths Of Fitness

1. You can “spot reduce” areas of fat 
– There is no way to get rid of fat in specific areas like arms, or just the stomach. During fat loss, fat is taken from areas based a lot on genetics, gender, etc. factors we cannot control.

2. You have to eat a certain way to lose weight 
– “You have to eat low carb/low fat to lose weight”. This is simply another way to reduce overall caloric intake, which is the goal of every fat loss concept. Reducing protein, fat, or carb intake would cause weight loss. (You can’t lose solely fat when losing weight)

3. You have to workout to lose weight 
– Weight loss is a direct correlation to overall energy (calorie) balance. Mostly and most controllably, intake has the highest impact for most people. Let’s say you naturally burn 2,000 calories per day, -more on this in another blog – and you sat on the couch for 24 straight hours, but you consumed 1500 calories in that 24 hours. You would have lost a bit of weight. And you didn’t work out, you sat on the couch for 24 hours.

4. You can’t have bread or other fattening foods 
– Back to calories. Every food is made up of calories. Those calories are protein, fats, carbohydrates, and usually a mix of a couple of all of these macronutrients. Therefore, no food is inherently fatting, you can’t eat any one specific food and have it go straight to fat. That happens when you’re calorie balance is too high, thus, you’re not burning more than or as much as you’re consuming. This, all food is optional. Crazy right?

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