Don’t Beat Yourself Up

I think we’re too hard on ourselves, ya know? I mean stop for one second and think about today’s events in your own life, and find something you didn’t like the outcome of. Maybe it was making a bad decision at work, eating a meal you think you shouldn’t have eaten, or even embarrassed yourself. 
Did you feel sort of upset, like that shouldn’t have happened that way, as if it were to always happen perfectly? Maybe it’s saying the wrong thing, and we dwell on it. Or maybe it’s not wrong, but it’s perceived as such, because of some standard possibly made by society. 
What I’ve been doing lately is reflecting after something happened, anything, and thinking about the situation, and I’m realizing how ridiculous it is to let situations control how we feel. Notice I said situations and didn’t specify good or bad. YOU imply the rationality to a given situation. 
You have a flat tire. Worst. Day. Ever.. or is it? Maybe you were going to get in a car accident up the road. Maybe that delay leads to something incredible happening, just by timing alone. 
So instead of getting molded by situations emotionally, we can utilize situations to create the habit of positive-feedback emotion, and maybe that leads to other good things happening and changing for the better in our lives too. 
You can think that way you know. It just takes practice. Would you feel better if you did? We all make mistakes. Don’t beat yourself up.

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