bRANT 01

Welp, I needed an outlet and my hand was cramping writing on the paper. There is something soothing about writing though. It’s like doodling. And you can’t doodle on the computer. So It’s just not the same. It allows you to focus, it allows you to be here. Now. I got a good entry with a few paragraphs, and honestly that’s enough for me. I guess it depends on why you’re doing it, though.

I journal every now and again when everything seems to be discombobulated inside my head. What it seems to do for me is give me perspective. If you know me, I’m a futurist, an optimist, and a driven person (never satisfied). My issue is being present, because of my mindset, I always think the grass is greener. Quite honestly it seems that way, life does seem to just get better and better. Maybe It’s all in my head, but I think that’s how It can go.. At any rate, we have to find reasons to be present.

Being present is it. That’s all we have. Literally. And yet we can somehow live forward or backward into places that actually don’t exist. Everything that’s ever happened to us is done and gone forever and will never again occur and unfold in the same manner it did that one time. Everything that’s to come is based on numerous variations, especially if you believe in destiny or fate. So being present is incredibly important, because eventually there won’t be a present for you or for me. Which also means no future and no past.

That’s what journaling is to me. It’s a way to release the chaos of my mind, flood the page with my thoughts that I’m drowning in, and compartmentalize those thoughts so I can decompress. That’s what gets me in the present mind. Especially when a lot has happened. One thing we’re bad about is being incredibly hard on ourselves.

Some of you know exactly what I mean. We think we just need to take the hits on the chin, stand back up, smile, and move on. But we also need to process. Especially the big events. Asking ourselves how we truly feel, where we truly are emotionally, and whats going on will ultimately allow us to slow down enough to actually want to be present.

When there is no need or desire, I think that is present. Those little moments where you’re “in the zone”, those are the present moments. There is nothing else you could possibly need in that little space of time, when you are in the zone. There’s nothing to crave, nothing to desire, there’s no way to overthink and become incredibly anxious about money or safety or time frames, because you’re just here. Now. It’s a pretty cool thing. I’m trying to do it a lot more. So expect more to come, because I feel better already. Don’t you?

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