Focus On What You Can Control

Sometimes we forget that there’s a lot to this life thing that we cannot inherently control. And we get to wrapped up in the stuff that we can’t do anything about. Sometimes taking a step back is exactly what we need to get back into the zone of control. There are so little things we have control over, but the good thing is, those things we do have control over will have tremendous impact in what occurs even in the things we can’t control.

We want to be in a better position now, better body now, better finances now. But we can’t control things like this, at least not exactly like say, “I want to weigh 25lbs less right now”. You can’t control that, but you can control the outcomes that will lead to losing 25lbs, such as making better food choices today, choosing to workout a little longer than you originally anticipated today, or going to bed a little earlier to get your necessary 8 hours of sleep tonight. 

Although these are seemingly small and tedious things, they compound into the entirety of who we are, how we feel, and where were at in life. These little habits and these little daily things we do are what lead up to the better body, the better finances, and the more positive outlook on life. 

And once we stop and access that, and understand it, it’s much easier to focus on doing those seemingly small and tedious things to the best of our ability, which in turn will take us even farther than we previously imagined.

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