Human Nature As A Prescription

Depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, and other things that are seemingly-prevalent among our society today should come as no coincidence. Isn’t our environment at play, or even to blame? I started looking into the nature of being as a way around a lot of my bad habits and patterns or problems that I’ve thought previously as innate, or unchangeable. Because we’re in a different world today then the human being was prepared and designed for.

Here’s the thing, there has never been a time in human history where we have had so much technology, so much information, so much happening around us more than right now. It can’t be a normal thing that we deal with, because It’s not normal, even though we grew up around it. We don’t think about the fact that It’s not actually normal for the evolved human being to be on screen constantly, and to process insane amounts of information in a split second, or a given day. Remember, this only happened a couple of decades ago. (As I type this on my laptop, with my apple watch buzzing on my wrist, my phone next to the laptop, and Sunday football on the TV a few feet behind the laptop). “I am just anxious by nature” – Says everyone living like this.

Think about it, 100 years ago humans lived drastically different lives than we do today. Going to sleep and waking up with the sun, no screens, little information to process. Our biology cannot keep up by evolving fast enough to adjust to this new world. Fake light (not going to bed with the sun), too much access to information at all times causes panicky, anxious, sleep deprived and over-caffeinated individuals who think they have innate problems with these things. It’s no wonder we feel so crazy all the time!

Fill yourself with calm by getting off the screen (or monitoring your use), give yourself time to get places in traffic(make time for your sanity), quit doing the things that make you feel unbalanced constantly, or find ways around them making you feel more balanced. Life isn’t meant to be as hectic as we make it for ourselves, and It’s not normal. Let’s get back to normal, the nature of being.

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