Never Stop Learning

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young”       – Henry Ford

I think our social constructs of formal education have allowed us to believe that there is an end to education. That learning stops at a certain level. Most of us would probably say the highest degree you can get in college in a specific field, is when education stops. Is it really the end to learning, though? Does that degree even at the highest level give you every answer to life? Every answer for your 20’s, when you’re 45, or when your 80?

We’re really constantly figuring this thing out, aren’t we? Here’s the thing, we never truly know everything relevant to this crazy life we live. But there is one thing that holds true, we are constantly changing and evolving through our circumstances if we allow ourselves to, which can be said until we die. Isn’t that learning? As long as you view opportunities and situations in life as learning experiences, I believe you are. And those who aren’t, are usually the ones letting life get the best of them. They’re the ones who don’t seem to get a grip on life at any point. They always have problems, and nothing is ever going right.

There seems to be distinct differences in those who we view as “successful” in life, and those who we do not. Usually the ones we view as successful, are the ones who are growing, evolving with the change and not trying to resist it, which comes from learning (adapting). 

These people take opportunities as experiences they can gain knowledge from to utilize forever or as long as memory allows. You can use any experience to gain knowledge from, so long as you choose to take knowledge from that situation. So you should really always be learning, you’d at least be better off wouldn’t you?

Find something that interests you. Google it. Buy a book on it. Observe. Ponder. Spend free time free, as in, instead of filling it with a tv show, movie, or phone time. Think. Work things out in your mind that your curiosity brings up. Go out of your way to make your future easier, by learning today. You’d be better off doing so, wouldn’t you?

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