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HTT 66: Why you need to resistance train in your 40s,50s,60s & Beyond Here's The Thing

The older we get, the more imperative it is that we put the body under stress, or resistance, which seems counterintuitive right? In this episode we walk through 4 studies highlighting the importance on muscle mass and muscle strength in relation to its effects on healthspan, lifespan, and all-cause mortality. Here's links to all 4 studies walked through by me, along with the links to the studies themselves: https://b3fit.blog/2023/05/06/muscle-mass-muscle-strength-lifespan/ https://b3fit.blog/2023/05/06/skeletal-muscle-mass-sarcopenia-metabolic-disease-association/ https://b3fit.blog/2023/05/06/muscle-mass-cardiovascular-disease-association/ https://b3fit.blog/2023/05/06/muscle-lifespan-aging/ Find all of my links to all socials, website, AND SO MUCH MORE! : https://linktr.ee/B3FIT Questions or comments on the show? Email me @ b3lifestyle@gmail.com
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