Meet Brant

Brant Mayberry, CPT

My name is Brant, and I have struggled with weight loss and fat loss my entire life. I founded B3FIT because I was sick of the constant yo-yoing and feeling like it was either diet & exercise or having a life. I have lost weight, and gained it back. And I repeated that cycle for years. Until I learned a few key concepts that have allowed me to lose fat, maintain that fat loss and enhance and even my health.

I initially was excited about seeing muscle gains during my senior year of football in High School. After graduating high school I dove heavily into reading anything and everything lifting and nutrition, and then tested and experimented the stuff I read in the gym, on myself. I was hooked.

Not long after that I got my first certification of Personal Training through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). I then hired a coach to take myself to the next level and competed in my first and only natural bodybuilding competition at the age of 22. I learned an unbelievable amount about fitness and health, myself, and I lost almost 65lbs which was the most I had ever lost total. I was hooked even more into the idea of how I could be lean without having to worry constantly about what I was eating, when, And how much. Then I acquired my Fitness Nutrition Certification.

After years of trial and error I have found and implemented tools and strategies for fat loss that require almost no thought and take the guessing work out of whether or not you’ll hit your goals. They have worked for myself and all of the clients that B3FIT has worked with, and I’m confident they’ll work for you as well.

I am currently certified with my CPT through NASM, the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I am currently working on 5 other certifications through the same nationally recognized organization, NASM; Corrective Exercise Specialist, Certified Nutrition Coach, Performance Enhancement Specialization, Behavior Change Specialization, & Certified Group Fitness Instructor.

If you’ve wondered if there’s a way to be healthier, feel fitter, have more energy, all without having to overhaul your entire life then you have found where you need to be.

Please, don’t hesitate to ask me anything, I could talk about this stuff all day.

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