Why A Little Makes A Huge Difference

Some days it’s just not there. You know what I mean? That spark, the drive. We all have those days. They can make or break progress it seems too. Where does that motivation go? Hell, where does it come from in the first place? But, are these even the right questions?

We are an  all or nothing type of species, almost genetically wired as so. If it’s fitness, it’s everything on hold and get in shape. If it’s work, it’s everything in the backseat until that promotion or income goal is hit. But with fitness, health, work, and everything else, all or nothing can destroy the progression model.

The idea is to get better, and better, and better. But we fall off at some point, guaranteed, when we go all out. So we get better, and better, and then completely ruin all progress. Doing a little is so important because it keeps the habits in place that take you to better, better, better. 

So that “ugh, guess I’ll just start over Monday” statement actually hurts way more than you think. Yes, that 10 minute walk helped. That 15 minutes in the gym? It was incredibly important. Avoiding the 3 oreos after dinner because you had 3 oreos after lunch does make a difference. 

Remember the little things matter by remembering that no matter your goal, there was no true end point. It’s constantly putting a foot in front of the other, and some days, that’s only a little. But that counts. And it makes a huge difference. 

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