How to lose weight AND keep it off

We’ve all seen it before. One of the folks in our circle loses a good amount of weight, 10-30lbs, and doesn’t end up keeping it off. Or worse, the weekend warriors (who hasn’t been one of those) who lose 3-5lbs during the week, only to gain it all back throughout the following week. So what’s the problem?

Sustainability. That’s the problem. Losing weight may be a one size fits all tool, but how you lose the weight is not. Although calories are by far the defining factor out of anything else, how you manage those calories changes things.

Let’s take New Years resolutioners for example. The typical couch to fit person starting on January 1 usually does 30 minutes on the elliptical or treadmill 3 times per week, and tries to eat 3-5 perfectly “clean” or healthy meals and also avoid all sugars or alcohol, each day. The typical resolutioner fails pretty quickly, and it’s not hard to see why. 

Now if you’re the resolutioner, how can you find sustainability. Well, what made you fail? Ensuring all your workouts were done every single week? If you hate working out more than anything, why not start with 1 workout per week instead? Was it too much mental/physical energy to eat 5 perfect meals everyday? Why can’t it be 3? Or even 2? You like Oreos and they’re a big comfort food for you? Why can’t you have a few of them every few nights to curb a potential weekend binge that would likely happen otherwise?

Finding sustainability means crafting the tools that work for you and you individually. Keeping in mind that calories are important.  Find what is most important, and sacrifice at the things that are non-negotiables. But it can be sustainable, and it doesn’t have to be miserable. 

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