How To Lose Weight While Vacationing

I just got back home after traveling for 2 weeks! We hit the mountains, the ocean, and everything in between. It was amazing! BUT SO WAS THE FOOD 😋

Right now as I type this, less than 24 hours after getting home, I am the same weight if not a little less. I love that I can travel, eat good food and balance it all out without having to come back weighing 10lbs more from the “vacation weight”. 

Here’s some things I did that for sure helped keep me balanced (When I say balance, I mean I didn’t gain weight)

First of all, Enjoy your time. That sounds obvious but most of us plan vacations. Like plan, plan. Like you have every single minute accounted for just like in your normal life. That’s NOT why I vacation, and I’m sure you’d agree.

 And Ugh the food. It’s so good though? Breakfast options, lunch, in between, supper galore. It’s kind of what I center a vacation around, tasting the culture! Who’s with me there? I enjoyed all of this through a few concepts I constantly follow, even while at home. 

Time-restricted eating – every time we had a big breakfast (shout-out Rosenbergs bagels in Denver) I would have no lunch, and just a decent sized dinner portion. If breakfast wasn’t our focus of the day, I fasted the entire day until dinner. We also planned our BIG feasts around being the only meal of the day.

What’s the hardest problem with eating on vacation? It’s the constant “good” food around right? Snacking often. And you can choose to snack. The problem is, we eat 2-3 good sized meals and then snack like champions in a food eating competition on top of the meals. 

Get moving! – Vacations/Travel should be spent diving into the terrain and culture, experiencing the beauty of the surrounding nature whether society built or natural. We walked around TONS, went on multiple-mile hikes several times, worked out on the beach and walked the beach on numerous occasions. 

You know what vacation is like for you. You can be lazy, that’s fine. But you can’t eat like you’re not lazy then. You can eat all the good food you want too! But then you can’t be lazy. Pick your battles, but when you choose to balance them, you can travel and LIVE in pure enjoyment. 

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