How To Jump Back Into The New Normal

Just like New Year’s, we are about to jump back into things. Here’s how!

Some of us took major advantage of the times and progressed heavily. Some of us to a backseat and enjoyed our free time . Wherever you’re at, you’re going to be thrown into chaos again soon, and planning for it is necessary! 

What kinds of things do we need to look at? Jumping back into work, social events, and everything else that made your health take a backseat in the first place. Having 24 hours of free time everyday were it a lot easier to get a workout in, plan family dinner, and be health-conscious. But what about when you only have the 4-6 hours (maybe not even) of free time when we get thrown back into normal? 

You’ll need to get into routines that are consistent with your old normal, if you haven’t already. Working out prior to, or after, a normal work day will ensure when you do go back, you’re already able to continue with that schedule. 

Take the time to plan your new routines, take the time to prepare for the new normal. What are your plans when the kids go back to school? What are your plans when you’re not excited to get up for the day because instead of free time, you have to go to work the entire day?

Prepare for the new normal, assume that you’ll run into obstacles, you won’t want to eat healthy when you’re on the run, you won’t want to get up some days. Preparing for the things that will hinder your goals is just as important as preparing for all the things pushing you towards your goals. 

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