How To Stay On Top Of Your Goals During A Pandemic

Aren’t you just about sick of hearing about the current virus going around? And here it is, actually getting pretty serious. In my neck of the woods we’re basically all off of work, with gyms and restaurants and normal life as we know it coming to a screeching halt. For a bit. But, how do we keep hitting the gym without hitting the gym? How do we stay on top of our goals?

A few things to keep in mind at all times. 

  1. Calories DEFINITELY matter
  2. Working out is helpful, NOT necessary
  3. Averages & Balance, not Perfect & 100%

Whether you track your calories or not isn’t necessarily relevant to your goals, at first. See, a lot people lose weight without knowing how much they’re eating. These people are called beginners, or they’re just plain lucky folks. But, just because you didn’t track your calories, doesn’t mean they didn’t play an important role in helping you hit your goals. Calories are king, is a fitness motto I’ve used to keep my mind in check. Calories are by far the most important aspect to hitting a weight goal. So if you’re in lockdown, now is the time to start tracking your calories, especially being in a more sedentary time like this.

Ever thought “I want to lose weight, I just don’t want to workout. Haha”. Although I cringe at the idea, it is very true that working out isn’t necessary for weight loss or weight gain. Refer back to the paragraph prior, calories are king. Remember? Working out is incredibly beneficial though, and can aid in so much more than just speeding up the weight loss process (weight gain would actually be slowed down by working out, but that’s a topic for another time.) Working out isn’t going to the gym to lift weights though. Working out is getting the body at a high enough activity level in a small amount of time to induce stress (my own definition I just made up). So just because the gyms are shut down doesn’t mean you can’t get in a workout at home with no weights at all.

Think Averages & Balances. Your weight will never be perfect, it’s always fluctuating, and I mean literally, not because you finished off that bag of chips late last night. You have to take averages of little snippets of time like days and weeks, average calories, average weight, average workout time/frequency/weight load etc.. in order to see progression. Quit thinking it’s ever perfect or nothing at all. Remember that just because you’re in lock down, doesn’t mean you’re on goal vacation, you can still maintain, if not progress during these times. 

Use these times not to indulge more, but to realize who you are, what you want in life, what you like, try some new things, think differently, consume new media. This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of, while everyone else doesn’t. This is the perfect time to continue hitting your fitness goals. 

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