How To Eliminate Anxiety & Depression

Ever been anxious or depressed? Ever wondered why, or what might trigger that? Maybe it’s been suddenly creeping up over the years and gotten worse, maybe it’s something that’s triggered for a long time. 

The first step is realizing human nature, and separating it from modern times.the way we exist in this modern world is not how we evolved to live, at least not in the short time span technology has been around. 

The massive amount of information, the instantaneous access to virtually anything we want, the incredibly competitive and fast-paced over-loaded word we live in creates a lot of issues for us as human beings. 

The Phone. Yep, you have this device in your hand that grants you access to more knowledge and features than anything ever to exist as we know it, and it’s a problem-child. What an easier way to pass time, cope with awkward/tragic situations, and just plain forget your existence and present state. 

The phone, just like other things in your life, NEEDS boundaries. The fact that we can just get on and scroll at any given moment in time, doesn’t mean we should. 

Much of anxiety is caused from feeling overwhelmed, how overwhelming is the thought that someone in the world could need you and get ahold of you at any given moment on your phone, if you let that be your mindset. it’s like your waiting and worrying constantly for nothing. In fact, its like being constantly worried that you won’t win the lottery in your lifetime. Why would you worry about something that will likely not happen?

Wouldn’t that be overwhelming? And then seeing all of these amazing filtered photos of seemingly-gorgeous people, places and things. Feel depressed because you’re at work when Ben just posted that he’s in Costa Rica?

Now, when in the history of humanity did evolution program this stuff into our brains to ready us for it? You guessed it. Never. It’s not normal. Although it might be a nice accessory/feature, it is not good for us to be constantly governed by this little device, or any devices in general. How do you get rid of anxiety and depression? Think back to our human nature roots, and put the phone down now and again. 

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