How To Be Grateful & Angry At The Same Time

There are things we forget that are good for us and our health, just because they don’t produce Instantaneous, noticeable results.

Stretching. Have you ever “gotten ready” for the day? And no, I don’t mean for work. I mean limbered up the body. The body is a series of connections in the form of all types of tissues and working parts, you can’t just start it up and go constantly. Take time at night or in the morning to recognize that this machine gets you from point A, to B, to C and so on all day, everyday, and get the body ready. 

Priming/Gratitude. Some call this meditation, but meditation to me is sitting around not thinking about anything, and I don’t know how to think about nothing. So I prime (it’s a Tony Robbins word. Google it.) my day mentally. I think of 3 things/events/people I’m grateful for, amongst other things, and I start my day. Try having a bad day after you realize you’re in good health, feel moderately well, and woke up today in a warm and cozy bed in one of the better countries on the planet at this time. How could you? Being grateful has this ability to resist any negative feelings you could have. Try being grateful and angry at the same time. (As Tony would say). You can’t. And that’s good for your health.

Learning/Reading. No, you don’t have to read to learn. Well, kind of. But not necessarily a book. Something were used to hearing, but something taken too lightly. Real Success by definition is constantly learning, because learning is growth and adaption, and those are incredibly necessary for survival. I know being on my phone for over 3 hours per day (you can track on your iPhone by going to settings > screen time), which is not a lot comparatively, it’s not all learning. But some of the time I do spend looking into things with purpose, and curiosity driven. 

Learning also means gaining more self-awareness. Learning what makes you tick, yeah you have a job. Why that job? Why that amount of money? Maybe you’ve been doing the same little morning routine for 10 years and it’s not that efficient anymore, but you don’t realize that. Making your life more simplified and efficient means less stress. Isn’t that healthy? 

It’s You Vs You

Subjecting everything to comparison is somewhat innate, but incredibly daunting. Comparison is relative. When you feel like you’re not making progress because you see someone like you that’s fit at the gym, is that true? What if you compare yourself to your spouse at home sitting on the couch and hasn’t lost 3lbs, didn’t eat good 80% of the week like you? Wouldn’t that mean progress? 

What about if you compare it to you 30 days ago. What about 1 year ago? 10 years ago? After all, isn’t all this stuff you’re doing about you and your goals, for you and your future? Why then, wouldn’t we compare ourselves only to ourselves, it’s less stressful, and less of a negative impact.That’s gotta be healthy.

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