Make It Easy

There’s like a billion steps to doing most things in life. For instance, the phrase “I need to go to the gym” really breaks down to this; 

step 1 – dress for the gym. step 2-  start the Car. step 3- drive to the gym. step 4- go into the gym. Etc.

Sometimes, we think every single step through, which makes things way more difficult than they need to be, possibly making you not want to pull through with what you know you need to get done. Here’s some ideas.

Keep your gym stuff in your car and go straight to the gym from work, because you know after a long hard day, the last thing you want to do is go make it harder. Workout in the morning? Sleep in your gym clothes and that’s one less step to accomplish in the morning. There’s actually studies showing getting into your gym clothes can help increase your odds of making it to your gym/workout. 

Keep exercise/recovery equipment handy at home, you’re more likely to workout, even if for a small amount of time, if you already have the equipment available. Too sore to go to the gym? You wouldn’t be if you had recovery equipment like a foam roller, a lacrosse ball, etc. 

We all have inherently different routines, so find what makes your day easier. Find what makes your goals easier to accomplish, and your life easier to live. Make it easy. 

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