bRANT 02

Life seems to move so fast, and we seem to not be able to control that. If you stop and think for a second, when is the last time you heard that phrase? “Life is going too fast”. Probably recently, we really hear it all the time. Because it seems as we get older, we take on more responsibility, along with more privilege. But that fills our time both mentally and physically more and more as we age. By adulthood, we’re more knowledgeable on what month it is than what day it is of the week.

I think there’s a lot to it, even more than I just listed, but I do feel we have to slow it down to understand where we are. Understanding where we are seems important to me at least, because you really can’t go anywhere unless you know where you are. And the hard truth it, we must always be going somewhere in life. Otherwise, you’re just going backward. 

So, oftentimes in the morning I reflect on the previous day, the week, the year. Random memories that grab my attention. It’s also called reminiscing, and It’s good to do. I journal sometimes to do it too, but I usually think of all the good and bad experiences I’ve had with people. I Especially like to stop after a giant stressful event, good or bad, and relive it to really help process it. This stuff is all good for slowing life down, appreciating. Because there will be a day where you’re stopped by a brick wall in some form, and you’re going to think “Holy shit, It’s gone that fast?”

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