Catastrophe Or Opportunity

Stuff happens, right? You blow a flat tire while driving, now you’re late for work. Being late for work isn’t good, so now blowing the tire is a bad situation. What if you hadn’t blown the tire, and you got slammed into by another vehicle at the intersection you we’re about it to pass. You could have died. Dying is bad, so blowing the tire made you miss that scenario. Does that make the flat tire experience good? In that narrative, sure it does. 

The flat tire happens, all the time. To everyone, good or bad. In so many facets of life. Things just happen, but that just creates the label for the given scenario. You get to take that label and attach it to the situation however you would like. You can always find positives and negatives in almost any given scenario, so almost any given scenario could be given a “bad” or “good” narrative. It’s your choice. 

Right now we’re in a scenario we get to label, but the good news is we are still able to choose the label because we’re in it. How we react about the media, the headlines, the new information, and of course what is happening, determines how we’ll come out on the end of this thing. How we take on this pandemic is how we come out. Did you lose everything, or get a chance to restart? How you look at everything determines whether it’s a catastrophe or and opportunity. 

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