Do It With Ease

Have you ever felt such a jolt of inspiration, you felt like you could do anything, for any amount of time? And then the next day or some time later, that motivation has passed, and we wonder why. Well, that happens to everyone. 

So if that seems to be a normal thing, losing motivation, how do people still hit their goals? If they’re human like us, don’t they lose motivation too? How do some people accomplish what they do, but I lost steam about 5 seconds after I started? The trick is, they built up to where they are. They started with ease. They cemented little habits, built foundations, and then skyscrapers on them. 

Have you ever been a victim of falling off the wagon of New Years resolutions? You plan this elaborate goal, detail it out to fulfilling your every desire. So much so that it takes up most every minute of every day, so you can get there super fast. Annnnndddddd then a week and a half later, you failed. You fell off. You skipped Soemthing. You skimped on something. You failed to account for Something. And maybe this has happened more than once. Why do you keep banging your head against the wall?

If working out 5 times per week is just not in the equation of your current schedule and busy life, WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO DO THAT? You already tried that. Try 4 times, try 3 times a week. Try 1 time per week if you can’t even do 2 workouts per week consistently. Start small, because no matter how fast you want to get to your goal, getting there was the reason you started. And you haven’t gotten there, do what it takes to make the necessary adjustments. Start small, and do it with ease. 

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