We Must Wake Ourselves Up Everyday

Sometimes an unfortunate event occurs, or must occur, in order for us to realize how precious and fragile life is. We get into these inherent routines in life, and it becomes this spinning hamster wheel in which we become numb to, and just go into the day as if tomorrow is already guaranteed. 

It’s almost as if we don’t realize that what we do bares any importance, and maybe some people don’t think it does, but it does to you. Or you wouldn’t desire that progress and achievement personally. 

Fortunately or not, this is typical. The human being is partially to blame, we like routine to an extent. But we must realize that we shut our mind off or become numb to our daily life. There’s certain things that come along and remind us, many happen to be stressful situations like tragic events and unfortunate happenings. But we do have those wake up calls from time to time.

Instead of having that wake up call to appreciate the moment, or chasing your aspirations, or even being a good person, do it yourself. Wake yourself up everyday. Remember how precious this life is, how quickly it can change or be taken away from you. Remember that the ultimate goal is your own happiness, in being grateful for those around you and being determined, and for fulfilling those goals you know you want to accomplish. Start each morning this way, and wake yourself up every single day.

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