Life Is What You Label It

Have you heard someone say “Ugh, why does life have to be so stressful?”. As if you yourself weren’t going through stress as well. Most people let life happen to them. So life is whatever they feel. Which is stressed. All the time.

But what if we took that view and flipped it upside down. What if life is what it is? What if stuff happens and we get to decide whether it’s this or that? Good or bad? Positive or negative?

Everyone has problems eventually. You’re either going through it, just got out of it, or you’re about to be back in it. That is LIFE. I think we get a little too caught up in this day-to-day modern lifestyle, and we tend to think that just because life has been made easier, that it will always be that way. And that’s just simply not true.

So the next time life decides to kick you in the face, are you going to succumb to old thinking? Maybe instead of thinking “Ugh, why is this happening, this is so stressful”. You can think “okay, that happened, how can I quickly fix or change the situation the most positive way I can, right now.” You’d be better off if you did.

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