Take Information With A Grain Of Salt

Be careful. We tend to be a little too grabby, and instantly set in our ways with information. I think as a human being, we have some built in mechanisms that make us trust somebody on a given topic. Whether they have knowledge, research or credentials, just because we trust them in other areas, we seemingly think they know all areas.

 You know those drinks called Naked? Fruit smoothies in a bottle. I drank the Green Machine flavor every single day. Every. Single. Day. For like a year. I’m not kidding. And then my buddy told me one day, “You know those Naked’s you drink all the time? I just read an article that said there was like formaldehyde in those or something. I quit drinking Naked on the spot. I took that like it was absolute fact! I didn’t do a single google search, I didn’t look at the bottle, I didn’t go to their website and email them personally, and I didn’t do any looking into on studies. I literally took my friends words and changed a significantly minor portion of my life, based on a couple of sentences. Almost as if he held the answers to the world. That opened my eyes and made me think. What else could I have accepted as fact, and changed my life because of? I’m willing to bet you’ve done exactly the same thing, in more than one area of your life. 

There’s so much hearsay, that affects us all personally. And its compounding, in today’s world. It’s compounding because we’re exposed to information, and mainly opinions, 24/7/365. There isn’t a given hour where we’re not exposed to something that’s biased or altered to defend a perspective. Keep in mind that EVERYONE has an agenda, the media, the people you hold trust in on given topics, and even researchers or experts have their own bias and agenda. 

Here’s what I try to do. Look at every perspective. Look at opposing views or experts who are having a conversation about a given area or topic. Listen to multiple people who seem to promote the truth, and figure out your own truth through that. Listen to actual experts, not people who like whatever area it is that you’re your getting information in. Don’t take someone’s word for it. Do your own research. Words are the most powerful thing in the universe, they’ve started and stopped wars, they change the way people live, the way we function, how and what we think. Take everything with a grain of salt. Formulate your own truth through this vast ocean of information we now live in. 

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