Why You Should Take The Daily Pill Of Reality

In this modern era, It’s very easy to get wrapped up in the daily routines, and inherent craziness to life. So much so, we forget that this opportunity we have, right now because we woke up, is precious and fleeting. Most of us get so caught up in the daily stuff that we forget we could drop dead at any moment, that we may not wake up tomorrow. We forget that bad things happen all the time, even to good people, and that you’ll deal with some of that today probably. Unfortunately when any of this occurs, It’s almost as if the person it happens to didn’t see it coming at all, as If we forget that this isn’t actually a game, It’s a daily process that we see out until we don’t anymore.

The daily dose of reality could be many things, but for me, It’s meditation and gratitude. It’s understanding that I woke up today and that’s a huge advantage itself, because who knows If I will wake up again tomorrow. Who knows if anything bad will happen to me today, I’m sure it will, and I should be prepared. Although It’s not something that we like to hear, It’s just a fact of life, and It Is much easier for us to go through the daily stuff by keeping these things in mind. 

All of the things that happen to us and around us, are normal things. They happen to everyone all of the time, since the beginning of time, and the reason It’s so daunting when It does happen Is because we’re not prepared for anything to happen the way it does. It’s almost as If we live our lives planned on hope. The hope that things won’t go wrong today, things will stay good, that no one around us young or old has to die or experience bad situations. 

So when you rise in the morning, take a minute to reflect on the fact that you won another day to go out and live, whatever that means to you. Take a minute to appreciate everything in your life from material possessions to people and experiences, because It could all be taken away in a moments notice. Remember to take your pill of reality daily, because every single day is an entirely new adventure with all sorts of outcomes, and you’d be best if you prepare yourself today. And tomorrow.

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