Why We Need Coaches & Mentors

To advance to the next level, we all need accountability. If we try and can’t get to the next level, that’s as far as we’ve gotten personally, and we need help going further. So we end up with mentors or coaches. At least the people who do actually advance, and can probably attribute it to some extent, being someone else who helped them get there. 

Coaches and Mentors aren’t necessarily people you specifically hire, or meet with. But they’re people you surround your environment within a given time period. They’re people that frequently come into your mind, molding an idea or a habit. They’re people who live how you want, or have what you want, and they can help you get there, because you can’t get there yourself, or you would have already.

We are very prone to distraction, and chase things like other animals do, mentally. Going from one great goal to the next, without finishing the first task at hand. It’s just easier to do with someone else holding you accountable, afterall, you are human.

So get a coach, and get accountability in your life, to get the discipline back, and feel free again.

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