Risk Vs Reward

We’ve all heard of risk and reward, but most of us don’t understand the application of this concept to most everything.

You wanna lose 10lbs, let’s say. (Who hasn’t). Isn’t there a risk to that reward? The reward is looking better, probably feeling better, fitting into those jeans or that shirt you’ve wanted to wear for quite some time. Whether you accomplished this or not, was because of the risk.

The risk in this scenario is change. Changing what you’re already doing, in order to reach your new goal. In reality it’s just eating a little bit less, and working out a little bit more. But in the bigger picture, it’s sacrificing tv time for the treadmill. It’s sacrificing Friday night beers because you had Thursday night beers.

Risk is something that must be accounted for, to any reward (goal or outcome). Risk is what stops us from achieving, and hinders us from trying some things.

We must realize that for every outcome we want to achieve, there will be an equal and opposing risk that we must be willing to overcome. And just like in betting money or the stock market, the high rewards come from very risky bets.

If you want to achieve something more than average, more than good, or even more than great, we must include the amount of risk that’s put into a given situation. It’s the only way to overcome it.

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