Everything You Need You Already Have

The more I dig into being better, growth, learning, progression, The more I find myself looking inward. Lately I’ve had things inadvertently helping me to this, through my reading alongside the podcasts and YouTubes I’ve been listening to. Between Wim Hof proving through science-based research now that breathing is not only effective for helping to reduce anxiety and short-term stress, but that it can rid your body of disease, infection, give you new found energy and change you’re state-of-being in an instant. To the books like Endurance, about space, perseverance and the idea of being Human, to The Brain That Changes Itself, which showcases how Neuroplasticity is very real, and that the brain is so malleable and plastic that your very thought patterns are determining your life and environment around you.

Another one was a video that reinforced ideas and concepts I’ve practiced and understood for years, by Neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenza. He reminds us that everything were looking for and the places were looking in are all wrong. We spend more and more money and exert more and more energy for the hopeful product of happiness, stillness, and bliss. When in reality we’ve got that all already, It’s just buried by our endless desire to find happiness, stillness and bliss. Well, stop looking around. Start looking in. One way to do that Is to learn about yourself. Start here:

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