The 5 Daily Checklist: A Guide To Daily Happiness

◦ Stretch or Gear up for the day

◦ 3 things. 60 seconds each. Gratitude.

◦ 3 big deep belly-breaths

◦ Read something interesting

◦ Drink enough water to not feel thirsty

The idea of this checklist is that nothing on this checklist is outside of your control. The only way you can’t accomplish this checklist is if you simply do not want to be happy!

We rely too heavily each day in many things we cannot control to create our happiness. Focus happiness around things you can control and you will likely end up happier more often, in the long term.

Not only will this checklist make sure you’re happy every single day you complete these 5 tasks, you will build better habits ultimately leading to more success in every single area of your life!

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