Slow Down

Stop reading. Take a deep breath… No seriously. You need it. Do it. I just did. But while you’re exhaling, look around. Appreciate this moment in time, wherever you are. Wherever you are. It’s important, you can’t change where you are at this exact moment, embrace it. As fortunate or unfortunate as it may be, It is your current realty. Slowing down has helped me immensely. You know, It’s like the idea of multi-tasking.

I always thought that I could get more done doing as many things at once, as efficiently as possible. And I tried to hone the craft, by optimizing how to multi-task more efficiently. When in reality, I think I slowed progress in a given area even more. Slowing down helped me realize that.

Slowing down helps me with everything, especially my body, health, fitness, and totally in how I feel. If you were to slow down, YES YOU, you might notice that you’re parched. Maybe you notice one (or probably most) of the muscles in your body is tight, and all it could take is a 60 second pause to alleviate that issue entirely. Maybe if you slow down you could take the time to understand yourself, your body, your drive and desires. Why do you do everything you do? Slowing down will help you realize some of the important stuff you can’t help but avoid, because of how fast society goes.

Slowing down might help you realize, as we approach the tipping point for all New Years resolutions, why you started this crazy fitness/health journey. Maybe that it was for your kids, so you could keep active as they grow. Maybe it was for yourself, to feel more confidence and love in yourself. 

Whatever you’re trying to accomplish, whatever you’re trying to do in life, slowing down helps. It doesn’t hurt. Going fast doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going the right direction, or making all of the right turns. Slow down.

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