What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

Isn’t it crazy that one minute you can feel on top of the entire world, and the next minute you literally don’t know what life is anymore and can’t tell up from down and down from up? When all hope seems lost and you can’t even think straight, there’s a few things that I do, to wrap my brain around reality again.

First and foremost, the problem is usually a series of small issues jumbled into a big problem when finally the brain snaps and goes “What the hell is happening to us?” One of the first things to do is to unclutter your brain so you can figure out your issues, because if you can’t figure out any of your issues, you can’t figure out the problem, and then you’re just going to stay crazy. And that’s not good.

Decluttering your brain can work by decluttering your life. Even if you’re used to living in an organized chaos that you call your home, your room, or your vehicle, organize that chaos. Clean 1 or all of these places, it always helps me. The moment one of those is decluttered, my brain always feels like some of the issues are now gone. Okay so that was step one, and we’re feeling the slightest bit better.

Now that’s just the tip of the iceberg, and your first thing on your ToDo list done, congrats!

Make a High Priority To Do list. This sounds obvious, but counter-intuitively we make to do lists with every single weird thing in mind, that usually isn’t actually high priority. BUT, here’s the kicker. High priority here isn’t what you think it is. You’re making a high priority to do list that is of the top 3 EASIEST things you can get done right NOW, that you KNOW will make you feel more accomplished/less anxious. Sending that text, cleaning that mess in the kitchen, getting your haircut/doctors appointment scheduled, these are always the little issues that add up to your big problems. 

Mentally, you should be feeling a shift already. You should feel less bogged down and unfocused, and the mind-wandering should feel pretty much under your control now. So lets hit hit the next step to bullet-proof your mind, or to finish off what’s left and undo the rest of your anxiety.

Get physical! One of the most powerful tools in the world for mind-control is letting the body lead. Getting the blood flowing for even a few minutes can shock your system and send your state through the moon, positive outlook and happiness are just on the other side of movement. You were born to move, you were born to be active, get your body back into that beautiful state.

Now, by the end of all of this you should feel way, way better. Maybe now you can think about the next hour instead of not even being able to see into the next minute. You should be proud. And if none of this worked? You keep trying more things, I don’t have all the answers. But this last thing will help, regardless if any of this had any impact at all.

Journal/Meditate or self reflect. You’re here for a long enough time that it’s important to learn and understand the owners manual of your own system. You might already be scoffing at the fact that I said the word journal, but hear me out. If you could talk to yourself, written, in your head or however, and have an actual conversation over years and years don’t you think you could start to learn what literally trips your triggers? What actually makes you go from happy to mad/agitated instantaneously, and better yet, what that trigger is that makes you go from not knowing up from down to feeling confident in every moment of the day?

Whether you enjoy this ride or not, you have an obligation to yourself to do your best at it. You have an obligation to the people around you to be in a beautiful state as much as possible, so not to hinder their existence alongside yours.

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